INBA Outreach

Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our 2009-2010 INBA Outreach scholarship recipients!

  • Danielle Carver - Spokane, WA

  • Emily Juhre - Greenacres, WA

  • James Metcalf - Three Forks, MT

  • Carlos Ramirez - Pasco, WA

  • Kristopher Schultz - Pullman, WA

  • Jeffery Verlanic - Missoula, MT

  • Jessica Vignali - Spokane, WA
First and foremost I would like to say THANK YOU to all of you who donate and are a part of the INBA Outreach!!!

For me receiving a scholarship has truly changed my life for the better. I never thought a college education was something that was in reach for me. I thought that High School was where I would end and go into the work force. This has truly been an emotional journey for me, and at times it still feels surreal. For me this scholarship isn't just about money; for me this scholarship means a brighter future for myself. For me this scholarship means one day I will be able to help other people succeed as someone has helped me.

I'm currently studying at Spokane Falls Community College and loving every minute of class time I can get. I see myself expanding my world and views more than I ever
thought possible. I am learning a lot on a personal level and overcoming a lot of fears I have about school. Because you have given me this chance, I now know that I can do it.  Words cannot explain how THANKFUL I am for the amazing opportunity you have given me to go back to school. It's people like you at INBA that are changing the world. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Danielle Carver
INBA Scholarship Recipient
It has been a great honor to be a recipient of the Inland Northwest Business Alliance Outreach scholarship the last few years. With the help of this scholarship I have been able to pursue my education in the area of graphic design first at Spokane Falls Community College and now at Eastern Washington University.

Being awarded a scholarship from the INBA Outreach also has special meaning to me because it came from a regional group who believed in me, my goals, and my future plans. Their continued support has made me more driven in school as well as in my current and future aspirations for giving back to the GLBTQ community.  The INBA has truly helped shape my future and for that I am eternally thankful.

Jeremy Bolton
INBA Scholarship Recipient